What We Look For

Partner With Urban Equity

In order to evaluate your business for partnership with Urban Equity, we request that you send us a business overview. You can also send us a document with your answers to the questions below:


Overview of the opportunity/ describe the void the business was established to fill.


Why is this a growth area? How will you capture market share? What are areas that need attention? How will capital be used?

Industry Overview

Who are the competitors? What are key aspects to the industry that will impact the business?

Product/ Service

What is it and why are customers willing to pay for it? Why would they buy it from you/ your company?


What is working now and what needs to be improved?

Revenues and Profitability

What are current revenues and what are future projections? When do you project reaching profitability?


Who else is involved and what is their experience?


How much do you need and how will it be used?


What is your 5 year vision for the company? Your 10 year vision?

Contact Information and Business Plan

Please provide your contact information in the fields below and submit your business plan or a document that addresses the questions above.

Upload your business plan or answers to these questions: